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MS consultants share insight into overcoming immense challenges in local government in Public Management (PM) Magazine


Arizona Republic article quotes Municipal Solutions' David Evertsen regarding $800K municipal investment in a 58,000 square foot commercial entertainment development in Phoenix, AZ. May 28, 2013


Robert Hoffmann praised for converting municipal fleets into bio-diesel and gas-electric hybrids in PM Magazine


MS organizational assessment results become a 17-day special educational report in the Ark City Traveler newspaper


MS consultants discuss the opportunities and pitfalls of municipal broadband in Public Management (PM) Magazine


David Evertsen provides important insight into economic and political impact military base closure and the transfer of two F-16 squadrons to from Luke AFB, AZ to Holoman AFB - Arizona Republic




  City Manager, Mirimar, FL (recruiting)

  City Manager, Ankeny, IA (recruiting) 

  Finance Director, Sunnyside, WA (recruiting)

  City Manager, Sunnyside, WA (closed, evaluating)

  County Administrator, Clackamas, Co, OR (closed, evaluating)





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Our consultants are among the best and brightest Public Administrators and practitioners with skills in Agriculture, Economic Development, Human Resources, Smart Buildings, Public Transportation, Development Services, Collective Bargaining / Labor Unions, Utility Management, Law Enforcement & Emergency Services (to name just a few). 

Our network of 1000s of highly-qualified public administrators assures each and every client familiarity and sensitivity to local & regional issues with a toolbox of resources available to assist at every level of government.  

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In 10 years, our consultants have completed projects for more than 300-public institutions - large and small, urban and rural.
Our results include efficiencies and cost savings totaling more than $460 Million. That's results!

our success is your success
Our successes has come through collaboration and implementation of best practices where our clients enjoy collaboration, coaching and mentoring which increases understanding, capacity and long-term success.
Our range of capabilities and some of our successes within our website. 






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