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®  "Municipal Solutions" is a registered trademark


Arizona Republic - CEO David Evertsen shares insight into the fiscal impacts of municipal bonds for professional sports facilities for the NHL, NFL and MLB and the Phoenix-Metro cities which struggle to finance and operate them.

Municipal Solutions signs contract with VNG International to facilitate 5 2-day workshops to further the local government capacity development in Myanmar (Burma), conduct a needs assessment and draft a 3-year action plan for UN, USAID, ADB and EU donor funding.

Municipal Solutions assists partner Teraquad in implementation of Cadastral Mapping Information System (CMIS) for the Surveys and Mapping Division of the Caribbean Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.


Ms. Gerene Watson completes 6-years of service as we welcome 6 new Advisory Board Members including:      


 Dr. David Nilsen (Administration)               Al Haines (International)                          Dr. Larry Walters (International)

 Don McDougal (Private Industry)                Karrie Rockwell (Private Industry)          Jay Ennesser (Private Industry)


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Municipal Solutions innovative approach to project leadership is hi-lighted in an article in Central Desktop. The article is titled: "The Business Case for Superior Project Leadership". Read more here.

Municipal Solutions signs contract with the City of Avondale, Arizona to facilitate three Strategic Planning workshops and other activities aimed at creating the City's first functional 5-year Strategic  Plan. Brian Muir, Dick Bowers and David Evertsen to serve as consultants,

Municipal Solutions signs contract with the City of Syracuse to conduct a comprehensive Efficiency Study and Organizational Assessment. Valerie Meade, John Hendrickson, Bob Adams, Dirk Marshall, Rick Conner and David Evertsen serve as consultants.

Municipal Solutions signs contract with the City of Coconut Arizona to conduct a Transit Study of the City's Community Bus System. Ken Driggs, former (Phoenix) Valley Metro Executive and David Evertsen to serve as consultants.

Municipal Solutions signs partnership MOU with Rimarks Consultants ltd in Nairobi, Kenya for capacity development, decentralization and land administration reform projects at the national and county level.

Municipal Solutions consultants signs contract to assist in completion of a comprehensive Organizational Assessment, Efficiency Study & Implementation Strategy. Included in the study are 11 departments, including HR, Police Fire, IT, FInance, Fleet , Parks, Electric Utility, Harbors and Finance and more. Consultants include: Rick Davis, Colin Baenziger, Eric Duthie, Robert Hoffmann, and Dirk Marshall. Listen to the KCAW radio broadcast here.

Municipal Solutions hired by B&S Europe to assist the European Commission Delegation in conducting a program assessment of Public Administration Facility and needs assessment with Libyan national officials to assist in the creation of a 3-year action plan for Libya.

Municipal Solutions consultants David Evertsen & Colin Baenziger discuss the challenges municipalities are facing in replacing their Finance Officers with Andrew Coen of The Bond Buyer.

Municipal Solutions welcomes Marie Lopez Rogers who has served as Mayor of Avondale, President of the National League of Cities, and most recently as County Commissioner in Maricopa County, Arizona. More here.

Municipal Solutions congratulates Advisory Board Member, Robert (Bob) Hoffmann on his recent election as president of the New Jersey Municipal Management Association.  

Municipal Solutions Is searching for a new Public Works Director and Building Official represents the cities of Norristown, PA & Largo, FL.



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